I have been organizing homes and businesses since 1986.  I began by helping people reduce their physical clutter as well as guiding them toward effectively filing their paperwork.  Many of my clients were unable to find items or information before getting started with Hate Paperwork Info.

Whether the disorganization shows itself in your closets, cabinets, files…..the first steps are always to review each item, and determine what will be kept, stored, donated or discarded.

Most people have a backlog of clutter or papers that pile up because they do not do a thorough job of organizing.  The day to day maintenance is simple once the initial service is complete.   In essence whether it takes 1 day or 10,  the space is evaluated and worked on, and all that will be left is the daily maintenance which will be manageable.

Getting started is a hurdle to overcome,  in itself, mainly because my clients initially feel overwhelmed, hopeless and embarrassed.  However, once we meet, they become more comfortable and feel more at ease.  They see results, usually within the first hour, and become more willing to overcome any internal objections.

I have worked with hundreds of people willing to tackle their clutter. Disorganized? Overwhelmed? Don’t know where to start? Start with a phone call to me.

Our Mission Statement

HatePaperworkInfo is grounded in the belief that becoming organized brings clarity and hope to one’s life.  After working together, the home or office take on a more peaceful feeling.  Time management improves.  I often hear “I have been looking for that for soooo long”.  I have even found money for my clients, on many occasions.